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  • spinach

    Spinach 200gm

  • Broccoli 350g – 450g

  • Red Cherry Tomato 200gm

  • Basil Woolly Farms

    Fresh Italian Basil 50gm

  • Sale!

    Oyster Mushroom 200gm

    87.00 75.00

let’s change
the way we
grow. eat. live.

Welcome to Woolly Farms, your authentic source for farm-fresh vegetables. Grown near you, using fresh, natural farming practices, to deliver good health at your doorstep.

together lets create a new earth

urban farming methods
controlled environments + lighting

changing the way

the world grows, nurtures and harvests

With the vision of building a new earth, Woolly Farms is making an attempt to build sustainable cities, with the adoption of natural farming techniques, tested scientifically.


We employ modern practices like Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Bio-mimicry, Permaculture and the real-time nurture monitor.

inspired by nature

natural organic farming
enriched with micro nutrients + oxygen

inspired by the
woolly mammoth!

The name Woolly is derived from the Woolly Mammoth that went extinct in the Ice Age. One, because it was consumed by homo-sapiens as a source for protein-rich food… implying that humankind can destroy it’s very own source of food. Two, because of the impact of climate change… a fact we are faced with now!

fresh, safe, chemical free vegetables delivered within minutes after harvest

free from harmful chemicals
delivered in minutes after harvest

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Every week a comprehensive pack of fresh, healthy, nutritious vegetables, and salad items harvested from our urban farms located near you.

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To become a Woolly Farmer kindly get in touch by calling us at 8088419746 and join this new earth movement!
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The ‘New Earth Movement’ is a constant reminder to us and future generations of the importance of food security, the impact of climate change and the need for sustainability
Community Farm: 2690, 31st Main Rd, Sector 1st, HSR Layout – 560102