Montasio Style 200gm


A treat for the taste buds with a mix of Sweet and Sharp – you won’t find it anywhere else in India

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This Italian style cheese has its own harder texture. Its creamy harmonious, mild-flavored pleasant aroma will be a treat. You Won’t Find This Anywhere Else In India.

  • Milk is sourced from ethical farms where cows are grazed and allowed to pasture.
  • Cheese is made by traditional methods, without any artificial or chemical ingredients.

Montasio Style Cheese made by Caroselle Farms, Palani Hills, Kodaikanal Area, India.

Product Details

Aged between 7 – 10 months

Servings Suggestions: Grilled cheese, Platters, with Honey, Cheese sauce.

Net Weight: 200g

Ingredients: Milk, Vegetarian Rennet, Salt


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